Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The Southampton Parent, Teacher, Association of Bedford County, Pa. was organized March 4, 1949. The first P.T.A. meeting was held in the Methodist Church, Chaneysville, Pa.
The temporary officers were:

President: Wilbur E. Dicken
Vice President: Stella Bennett
Secretary: Mary Swartzwelder
Treasurer: Leila Trail

P.T.A. members had to pay the National P.T.A. .35 per person to join. On May 14, 1949 there were 46 members with a balance of $11.90 in the treasury.
The first P.T.A. officers for the 1954-55 school term of the new Chaneysville Elementary School with a balance of $67.24 in their treasury were:

President: Marvin Roberts
Vice President: M. Cooper
Secretary: Dorothy Hartsock
Treasurer: Kenneth Hartsock

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